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Artist Made Resin and Wood Brooch "Pink Empire"


This is a cameo art brooch with the image of my original oil painting on it titled "Pink Empire"

The brooch measures approx 5.3mm in height and 4.3mm in width.

This brooch had been made by me the artist, on a 3mm thick laser cut wood base and a high res printed image of my painting is placed on top. I have hand poured a thick resin layer on both front and back of the brooch as a protective surface and also to give the brooch a shiny slick surface. The brooch pin on back is silver.

This is a cute and pretty brooch to place on your lapel, mid collar or coat, it also goes well as an accessory pinned onto tote bags, clutches and anything you wish to pin it on.

Brooch is water resistant, but not waterproof, a bit or rain is ok but please do not place deliberately under water.

I've have handmade this brooch myself with the upmost care and quality, but in being so please know that minor imperfections can sometimes be part of the handmade object.

The image on this brooch can also be purchased as a Giclee Print, please see my store to view.

Thanks for viewing and I hope this brooch brings you as much joy as I had creating and making it!